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5, 2021 The bipartisan infrastructure deal struck this week provides new money for climate resilience unmatched in United States history: Tens of billions of dollars to protect against floods, reduce damage from wildfires, develop new sources of drinking water in areas plagued by drought, and even relocate entire communities away from vulnerable places. But the bill is remarkable for another reason. For the first time, both parties have acknowledged — by their actions, if not their words — that the United States is unprepared for the worsening effects of climate change and requires an enormous and urgent infusion of money and effort to get ready. “It’s difficult to oppose solutions to crises that your constituents are suffering through,” said Shalini Vajjhala, a former Obama administration official who now advises cities on preparing for climate threats. And as those threats become more frequent and widespread, “the constituency for climate resilience is now everybody.” When it comes to addressing the consequences of a warming planet, no amount of money appears to be too much, and bipartisan consensus is easy to find. Agreement between Republicans and Democrats to reduce the emissions that are causing the planet to warm is more elusive , as Republicans are largely resistant to limiting the use of fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal. As a result, Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration are aiming to fold more aggressive climate action into a separate budget bill, which Democrats hope to pass even without Republican votes. The infrastructure bill , which could pass the Senate this week, still faces uncertainty in the House, where progressives oppose provisions to fund natural gas and nuclear plants, among other things. But money to protect communities from sea level rise and extreme weather has few opponents. “The climate crisis impacts both red states and blue states alike,” Senator Tom Carper, Democrat of Delaware and chairman of the environment and public works committee, said in a statement. Many of his Republican colleagues, he added, “have seen firsthand how calamitous the consequences can be if we fail to invest in resilience.” The bill would also fundamentally transform the country’s approach to preparing for climate change. Until recently, federal disaster policy has focused on spending money after a storm, wildfire or other calamity, to rebuild what was lost. But a series of hugely destructive events — including Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in 2017, record-breaking wildfires in California, this year’s winter storm in Texas and the drought now gripping the West — has challenged that logic, demonstrating the need to better protect homes, neighborhoods and facilities before disasters happen. Trees around the Willow Creek Reservoir, outside Granby, Colo., were scorched in the East Troublesome Fire last fall. Credit...Benjamin Rasmussen for The New York Times The infrastructure bill reflects that change in different ways. Some of the money would supercharge programs that already exist, but which experts say are not at the scale to meet the growing threat. For example, the Army Corps of Engineers would get an additional $11.6 billion in construction funds for projects like flood control and river dredging.


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That policy allows OSHA to propose a separate penalty for each instance of a violation. The accident happened on the morning of Feb. 24 at a construction site at 190 High St. in Boston's Financial District. Two workers, 27-year-old Jordan Romero and 33-year-old Juan Gutierrez, died after a dump truck struck them and pushed them into a nine feet deep trench. Carlos Gutierrez, left, and Jordan Romero were killed in a deadly construction accident at 190 High St. in Boston’s Financial District on Feb. 24, 2021. According to OSHA, chief among the violations was Atlantic Coast Utilities' refusal to train Romero, Gutierrez and other workers to recognize and avoid work-related hazards. The agency also found the company failed to conduct worksite inspections to identify and correct hazards, including the risks of being struck by construction vehicles and other traffic; crushed or engulfed in an unguarded trench; and being overcome by oxygen-deficient or toxic atmospheres in the trench and an adjacent manhole. “Two hardworking people lost their lives because Atlantic Coast Utilities put its own profits over workers’ safety and health,” reads a statement U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, who was Boston's mayor at the time of the accident. “The failure of employers to follow federal safety and health regulations designed to keep workers out of harm’s way is absolutely unacceptable. This is yet another reminder of why the department’s mission to protect workers’ rights and ensure safe working conditions is so important.” Prior to the Feb. 24 incident , OSHA had inspected Atlantic Coast Utilities and Shannon Construction Corp. six times and cited them for a total of 14 violations -- including willful, repeat and serious violations -- with fines of $81,242. The agency says $73,542 of that fine money was unpaid and has been referred to debt collection. According to the Department of Labor, Atlantic's and Shannon's owner, Laurence Moloney, and his companies total stranger ignored the OSHA citations and repeated demands for abatement of the hazards.